Zack and Miri Make A Porno (2008)

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Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen as the titular 'Zack and Miri'

Written and Directed by Kevin Smith

Starring Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Robinson, Jeff Anderson and Jason Mewes

With each successive film, Kevin Smith moves further away from the Askewniverse he created with his semi-autobiographical films Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy and their sequels of one sort or another. His newer films are largely hit and miss since he’s exploring new territory he’s had no previous experience with, but Zack and Miri is some of a return to form for the fiercely independent auteur.

Zack and Miri is a very sweet romantic comedy about amateur porn and while we do see some semi-graphic on screen sex (between Jason Mewes and real life porn star Kaite Morgan, no less!) at its core Zack and Miri is about Zack and Miri, two long time platonic friends and room mates, who go through spouses, jobs, cars and an undulating income together as a team. They find themselves going to their 10 year high school reunion nearly destitute and with nothing to show for a decade of missed opportunities. After the surreal reunion, Zack and Miri get the idea to produce their own amateur porn and sell it to their class mates at a premium rate, raising the funds to pay their bills and possibly embark on new, lucrative careers.

Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks have amazing chemistry and are perfect for playing the oblivious, unconventional lovebirds. They’re adorable without knowing they’re being adorable. It’s a great pairing. You also have plenty of scene stealing hilarious characters from the likes of Traci Lords as a woman with a particularly unique talent, Kevin Smith regular Jeff Anderson (of Clerks) as a local videographer cum (zing!) director of photography, Craig Robinson as Rogen’s co-worker and the Executive Producer of said porno and Justin Long in scene stealing mode as the boyfriend of an old class mate whom Zack and Miri fortuitously meet at the reunion. Long is in rare form as a strange man with a strange openness about him. It’s quite amazing and entertaining.

This film might be about porn, but its quite honestly about the truest of romances, the kind that blossom over many years of mutual respect and admiration. It’s a well written, keenly observed romantic comedy with an under rated style and some hilarious scenes. Dont miss this pornucopia of entertainment!


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