(Untitled) (2009)

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Adam Goldberg contemplating meta art in '(Untitled)'

Written by Jonathan Parker and Catherine DiNapoli

Directed by Jonathan Parker and Manfred Baumann

Starring Adam Goldberg and Marley Shelton

Hilarious and brilliantly perceptive, (Unitlted) is at once a loving and scathing examination of today’s art world and avant garde music scene, dissecting post-modern tastes with a chainsaw of wit and unremorseful perception. The film makers know their subjects all too well and use this to their advantage in calling them on their B.S.

For anybody that has had intimate contact with the avant garde or “cutting edge” art and music scenes and just thought they were full of themselves and completely hypocritical, this film is for you. I suppose (Untitled) is preaching to the choir in a way, but the genius of it is how none of the characters see why they are ridiculous, yet they can all see why one or more of the other characters are full of it.

It’s very perceptive and shamelessly judgmental of the community it is lampooning. Some of the gags are repetitive, but that is one of the jokes. These so-called cutting edge geniuses of modern art are all just copying each other’s terrible ego-centric ideas and then judging everybody else that does what they do in a negative fashion. It’s all pure hypocrisy and hype and the film gets it completely. Very sharp stuff here. Yes, there is irony in giving a positive review to a quirky independent film that is a scathing critique of modern art.


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