THOR (2011)

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

The trailers for THOR made it look kinda cheap and cheesy, but its far from it. Kenneth Branagh has crafted a very fun, perfectly epic summer blockbuster and has made it feel like what could prove to be a classic comic book origin story movie. Credit Kenneth Branagh for directing his cast in well balanced performances that do a good job of feeling credible without ever feeling too cartoonish or stoic. Chris Hemsworth is fantastic as Thor. He’s larger than life, charismatic, funny, totally committed to the character even in the humorous moments. It’s a solid lead performance. Anthony Hopkins is better than he’s been in quite some time. He lends his old school British charm and nobility to the film, but tones down the scenery chewing quite a bit, giving a nearly understated performance. Thor’s friends and allies get plenty of screen time and don’t feel at all like glorified extras while the story does a fantastic job of splitting its time between our world and the world of Thor. It doesn’t feel too short or too long and it does a wonderful job of setting up Thor’s eventual ties to the Avengers. All in all it’s a really solid comic book movie and origins story with wonderful CGI and costume design, plenty of cool action and an interesting conflict for Thor. Natlie Portman doesn’t do much. She and Kat Dennings are there to be cute, which is fine. They sit around and smile and gawk at Chris Hemsworth’s chiseled body and that’s about it. Hawkeye (AKA Jeremy Renner) shows up in a neat little cameo and Clark Gregg is great as Agent Coulson. An all round solid, larger than life adventure.


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