The Big Lebowski (1998) written and directed by the Coen Bros.

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Imagine the Long Goodbye (1973 dir. Robert Altman) was turned into a comedy and instead of incessantly smoking cigarettes, Elliot Gould smoked joints? And what if instead of being an establishment character transported from 1940s Los Angeles to early 1970s Los Angeles, he was born in the 40s, became a hippie and then never left THAT era and was transported 30 years ahead in time to the 90s? Well, then, my friend, you would have the Big Lebowski! It is a loving and goofy ode to Los Angeles gumshoe films of yore and endlessly watchable. Sure, the mystery isnt all that engrossing but that is not what the Big Lebowski is about. The Big Lebowski is about slackers and fringe members of Society being forced to interact with the establishment through a few misunderstandings and the love of a rug that really tied the room together- and Wus insistence on miterating on the Dudes rug, man! I suppose the genius of the Big Lebowski is that it kills many birds with one stone. You have top-flight Academy Award winning actors, you have a classic gumshoe mystery set-up, you have stoner comedy, you have comedy of the absurd, you have action, you have Steve Buscemi, you have Vietnam, you have interpretive dance (thank you very much landlord Marty!), you have Larry Digby Sellars, an explanation of what happens when sodomize someone and of course, you have bowling. Now, I know I am missing few valuable aspects of this film, but you will have to rent and view this Perfect Game yourself to discover whats left in this treasure trove of comedy noir!


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